World Gone Deaf

by Darkjet

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Mood music for the moody.


released October 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Darkjet St Petersburg, Florida

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Track Name: Back To the Moon
out of the vapor into the ether
she’s not a faker I’m a believer
all of the lost in the city of doom
hate to get stuck tied to their rooms
making their way in a harmless balloon
we’ve got to get back

back to the moon
got to get back

out of the sunlight into the dark night
show me a new world waiting for high tide
hitching a ride on the highway to ruin
singing a song way out of tune
running away with a cup and a spoon
we’ve got to get back
Track Name: Angeltime (Not coming Down)
we’re on angeltime
we’re not coming down
we’re gonna float around
on a big white cloud
we’re on angeltime
and we’re not coming down

diamond sorrow til tomorrow
how much do we know
source of dreaming
the train is leaving
our footprints in the snow

crystal palace ivory flowers
a sacred memory
beneath the covers sleeping lovers
all that i believe
Track Name: Living In the Afterhours
afterlife afterlife
living in the afterhours

where you gonna go
before the night is through
and where you gonna hide
before the sun comes up

find ourselves a place
where we can mix our tongues
away from prying eyes
you show me how it’s done
Track Name: Let's Be Godz
why you dancing on the floor
you should be on the stage
don’t listen to the sheep
do not be afraid

lets be gods
and live forever
take my hand
we’ll fly to heaven

you’ve only got one life to live
you better live it loud
don’t let them tear you down
stand out from the crowd
Track Name: Wish I Could Sleep
mr. sandman bring me some dreams
take me away from
all that I’ve seen

i wish I could sleep
but I don’t think I’ll ever sleep again

only the zombies
walking around
why are we standing
not falling down
now it’s morning
dawn’s early light
it should be beautiful
but i close my eyes
Track Name: Afraid of the Sun
afraid of the sun
who’s afraid of the sun

pale white people shadow shake
desperate darkness get going gone
who’s afraid of the sun

low light lovers
phantom feelings
blinding blackness the damage done
who’s afraid of the sun
Track Name: Hello Darkness
if we’re sad cause we die
run away find someplace to hide
in a room with our friends
at the party that has no end

hello to the darkness
and goodbye to the light

now they’re dead
cause they died
wasted rock stars
leading terrible lives
down in hell
writing songs
might as well
cause here they belong

hideaway hideaway with me
won’t you hideaway with me
Track Name: Chemical (Mooshi Chapel)
chemical in my brain taught me how to love you
and i do

what kind of girl would love a wretch like me
some kind of girl mooshi chapel
what kind of girl would love a wretch like me
mooshi chapel mooshi chapel

one thousand years is simply not enough to show my love
now and forever infinity to heaven
it’s not enough
mooshi chapel
Track Name: Time Machine
the past is filled with quicksand
it pulls you back and down
memories and photographs
the ocean where you drown

no you can’t go back
in a time machine

the present is the only place
where happiness is found
the future’s just a worry dream
so be here now

dust everything turns to dust
Track Name: Black Holes & Event Horizons
black holes and event horizons
i heard stephen hawking say
black holes and event horizons
then i watched him roll away

you know if you climb the mountain
you take a risk you might fall
if i should slip please remember
i loved it all
i loved you all
Track Name: Neitzche, Elvis, & God
neitzche, elvis, and god
jesus and the dogs playing cards
everythings immortal when it’s painted on
black velvet

icons, idols, and stars
michael jackson and the sacred bleeding heart

i want to be immportal
painted on black velvet
Track Name: Empire of Emptiness
empire of emptiness
send out the message
the king is dead

celebrity wasteland a ticket to graceland
die on t.v. and you make the band
at neverland

so what does it mean to be famous
i’m the king of nothing
but i’m alive so alive